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Material and Methods in Student report

Material and Methods in Student report

by Elisa Quarta -
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Good morning to everyone, this question is for the professor but it can be useful for everyone that participate to the student report

Me and my colleague have a question about the presentation: do you prefer to have all the methods listed and explained before the results, or it would be better to explain each result how was obtained (each method explained only when it is used to get a result)?

Personally, I would explain result 1 and method 1, result 2 and method 2,...... not all the methods in one slide at the beginning

I mean, someone could forget the methods before arriving at the last result

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Re: Material and Methods in Student report

by Michele De Bortoli -

Of course you won't detail the methods in your Report, rather you will expose the experimental approach used to obtain the Results you're showing. 

However, if the technical approach is significantly different from what we discussed during the Lessons and/or from what Students have detailed in the Wiki Methods, then it may be worth explaining it in more detail.