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Research paper 2

Research paper 2

by Lorenzo Franchitti -
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Dear professor, I wanted to ask a question about the last research paper (about PRC 2 domain initiation). At some point the researchers use 4C analysis to investigate if there's some long-distance interaction between nucleation sites. I did some research about the 4C but I didn't find exhaustive explanation on what advantages gives the step absent in the 3C protocol, which is the circularization and reverse PCR. Thank you in advance for your time

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Re: Research paper 2

by Michele De Bortoli -

Hi, I think the main advantage is in the use of a reference point. If for example you are interested in how many interaction has your favourite promoter (YFP) you execute 4C and then using  you can easily amplify by PCR the unknown sequences ligated using everted primers designed on YFP sequence.

4C was developed "before" NGS