EXAM rules

The final exam is taken in one day (whenever possible) but of course we have to see the rules for on-line exams established by the Ateneo, it may change. 

First, all the Students will take a Test on Moodle, containing questions on the last module (Applications in Medicine) with problems and interpretation of figures.

Second, all the Student will have a 30-min Interview on Module 1. The interiew is composed of: 

- one open general subject (among those pre-exposed): the Student should describe the general features of the subject in autonomy (max: 10 min).

- two specific questions concerning the subject exposed: please note that questions will refer to the Textbook articles that were given to you  and NOT to lesson slides. 

- One of the 4 Research Papers  (Chapters 1-4) assigned will be  discussed: the Student will be asked to explain in detail one-two figures reporting specific Results, with details on the methodology used. (In Campusnet: "Finally, during last 10 minutes, a Figure from one of the 5 Research Papers discussed during the course is chosen and Students are required to explain in detail the experiment"). As agreed with the Students, this last 10-min question will be proposed as a 15-min Moodle test with three random questions of the "Cloze" type, each containing text, figures and 4 embedded multiple choice or short answer questions.    

 The Grades obtained in the Test (that will include the Bioinformatics bonus) and in the Interview will be averaged to the Report&Activity Grade (1:1:1).

The EXAM is one (one course, one exam). The only parts that are maintained forever are the internal activities, i.e. activities, reports, bioinformatics. 



In the case a Student lacks the Reporting Activity, he/she will go through and additional exam, in which his/her ability to read, understand and discuss a scientific research article will be assessed. The Examiner will assign one article and the Student will be allowed two hours to read the paper, then the Examiner will ask specific questions about the article. This will assign a grade (up to 30/30) that will be averaged as above with the other two grades (Test and Interview).

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