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Student Report

Student Report

by Emilia Petrachi -
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Hello everyone! Hope you are having a good Sunday.

I have a few questions about the Student Report.

1. I wanted to know if it was possible for us doing it alone just in case we could not find anyone that matched the type of presentation we wanted to do, or just anyone at all.

2. It was said to us that based on the exposure methodology of the report, we could get up to 4 points, but then in the other guidelines it is written that the score adds up to 30. I was wondering how the two things correlate.

Thank you for your attention,


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Re: Student Report

by Michele De Bortoli -

We consider that doing a direct presentation merits more than just writing it up. For this reason the points are different following the kind of presentation you choose. 

These points will add up to our evaluation of your report that will be up to 30/30. 

We will evaluate your ability in spotting and describing: 

1. the coherence of the paper with course subjects; 

2. the primary scientific question addressed; 

3.  the experimental strategy; 

4. specific methodology; 

5. the most important results; 

6. novel knowledge gain.