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Research paper 2

Research paper 2

by Allan Akandwanaho -
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Hi everyone, 

I do not exactly ge the meaning of SUZ12 as used in the article, what it is and why it was used.

Have tried to research about it but i just found that it has a zinc finger. Cant figure out what it means yet and why it is used in the article.

I have achallenge understanding the meaning of CpG motif (GA or GC rich) because it appears to me that CpG means areas rich in CG.

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Re: Research paper 2

by Daniela Penna -

I made a fast research and the first result is this:

SUZ12 appears just to be a kind of Polycomb protein, and a subunit of PRC2 (Polycomb Protein Complex 2).

CpG means that a Citosine is found next to a Guanine, so it should be a region rich in CG. I had your same doubt while reading.

But, if anyone knows please correct me, I thought it could mean that in a region rich in G and A, you often find the G near a C. Or maybe, it could be referred to the particular kind of methylation you have on the CpG islands, so in a region rich in G and A you also find an high methylation of the CpG islands.