Novel activities on Ch 4

Novel activities on Ch 4

by Michele De Bortoli -
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Dear Students,

I added two novel activities in Chapter 4. 

Activity 8 is a database, similar to that you realized for Lamin proteins. This time is a catalogue of RNA types that you will take essentially from GENCODE (but of course you may complement from other official sources). 

Activity 9 is a Lesson. First two-third of this lesson are actually a revision of some aspects of lesson 4, Ch4, which will help you for studying Research Paper 4. The last 5 pages concern a novel aspect of post-transcriptional regulation, that is RNA localization: few basic concepts a Molecular Biologist should know. 

The time window for completing these activities is large; I set it to May 10, so that you will organize yourself with ease. 

Keep safe.