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Extra activity assessments

Extra activity assessments

by Daniela Penna -
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Dear Professor,

concerning the Activities (quiz) that we do here on Moodle, how much do they count on the exam's final grade?

Does the vote's "weight" change between single-attempt quiz and multiple-attempt quiz?

How are points calculated in case of multiple-attempt quiz?

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Re: Extra activity assessments

by Cecilia Boretto -

Hello Daniela, the overall rating of the quizzes will serve to give from 0 to 4 points that will be added to a Report that we will do (we do not yet know how). The score of the report + the quiz points will be valid for 1/3 of the overall exam grade (1 Report : 1 written : 1 oral).
As for the multiple tenativives, an overall assessment will be made for the results, but also the commitment! there are no math averages. The attempts are multiple to make sure that we can learn better (Repetita iuvant!)