Advise for today (Friday March 6) and next Monday (March 9).

Advise for today (Friday March 6) and next Monday (March 9).

by Michele De Bortoli -
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Lesson 2, Parts 1 & 2 will be available at normal class hours, i.e. at 9 am on Friday March 6 (today). 

Part 1 is 40 min, while Part 2 is shorter. In the last few minutes of Part 2, I will discuss (again) the organization of this course and how you should study and prepare for your exam. 

At around 10:30 today I will open a Chat on Moodle: anyone has questin please follow. 

Last and most important: Monday morning (Lesson 3) we will try to deliver the lesson live streaming using the WebEx platform, a service free from our University.  You will receive invitation in your email, and accessinf the site you will be required to install a light software from Cisco (it is safe). 

Then you are allowed to connect at 9 am on Monday for live streaming the lesson, which of course will be recorded. 

Thanks to all of you.