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test activity 1

test activity 1

by Davide Dante -
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Good afternoon,  professor,

 I would point out a simple question, regarding the first activity, and could be useful for many other people, who are wondering. 

Some of us noticed, during the test, there was one question, in which we have to put a number of bp, that stay between the regulatory sequence and the promoters, some of us may be have give an answer, strictly related to the info, from the review that we got. 

But since the moodle system didn't accept the symbol, Is the answer as good as the one without symbol?    like 100 >space> 200,  since it resemble the data from the reviews. Could you in this case consider right, previous answer, since we find the right info among all the data of the review? And we cannot put symbols.

Otherwise which is the method that can be consider correct also for future?

thank you for the time

Best Regards

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Re: test activity 1

by Silvia Losardo -

Hi, it appears that "100" is considered as the correct answer. It is possible that also "200" would be correct, but I'm not sure as I didn't try to use it as an answer. 

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Re: test activity 1

by Michele De Bortoli -

Review says 100-200 bp

Average is 150 bp

When using numerical - type of questions in Moodle, a value of N+/-X can be set. In this case, a value of 150+/-50 was set as correct, and actually is exactly what the review said.

In the question text, whenever you see "XXX" this means that you shoud put an answer with three digits.