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Introduction to Cell Physiology 2016-17 File Introduction

Course organization, topics, learning assessments

Cell as a complex system File complex systems
Folder papers- 'wiring & rewiring in cell signaling'


Folder papers on redundancy
Folder papers on systems biology
Membrane transport File Membrane transport

Review on General Physiology: selective permeability of the cell membranes. Epithelia.

Diffusion File Diffusion

Laws of Diffusion

Folder papers
Fluorescence Microscopy File Fluorescence & Luminescence
Folder papers on fluorescence
Folder papers on luminescence
URL Roger Tsien lab
URL fluorescent probes
Protein-protein interaction and FRET based biosensors File FRET
Folder papers on FRET
URL interactome

interactome websites

Diffusion and vesicle trafficking File FRAP, TIRF, flash photolysis
Folder papers on FRAP
Folder papers on TIRF
Folder papers on flash photolysis
Calcium signaling File Calcium signaling

Calcium signaling

Folder papers


Membrane proteins as biosensors: a new vision of sensory physiology File Cell physiology of sensory systems I
File Cell physiology of sensory systems II

Cell physiology of sensory systems II

File Cell physiology of sensory systems III
File Cell physiology of sensory systems IV

Cell physiology of sensory systems IV

Folder papers
URL Howard Hughes Lectures
URL Basic principles sensory systems 2013

A video lesson by Farid Youssef on youtube.

Two-photon microscopy for in vivo functional imaging File lecture


Folder papers
Lessons audio streaming File lesson 29.09.2016

lesson 29.09.2016

File lesson 30.09.2016

lesson 30.09.2016

File lesson 06.10.2016

lesson 06.10.2016

File lesson 07.10.2016

lesson 07.10.2016

File lesson 13.10.2016


File lesson 14.10.2016

lesson 14.10.2016

File lesson 20.10.2016

lesson 20.10.2016

File lesson 21.10.2016

lesson 21.10.2016

File lesson 27.10.2016

lesson 27.10.2016

File lesson 28.10.2016

lesson 28.10.2016

File lesson 03.11.2016

lesson 03.11.2016

File lesson 04.11.2016

lesson 04.11.2016

File lesson 10.11.2016

lesson 10.11.2016

File lesson 11.11.2016

lesson 11.11.2016

File lesson 17.11.2016

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File lesson 18.11.2016

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File lesson 24.11.2016

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File lesson 25.11.2016

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File lesson 01.12.2016

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File lesson 02.12.2016

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File lesson 15.12.2016

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File lesson 22.12.2016

lesson 22.12.2016