Ch3, Lesson 2, March 25

Ch3, Lesson 2, March 25

by Michele De Bortoli -
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Dear Students,

you will have Lesson tomorrow given by important Scientists:  Eric Wieschaus, Noble Prize 1995, and then Michael Levine will address you important points on how transcriptional regulation work in defining cell fate and physiology. 

In the first part, before introducing these Scientists, I will revise with you how some basic knowledge acquired many years ago working on simpler model has been confirmed and expanded by ENCODE ChIP-seq studies. 

In the second part of the morning, we will try to have a Videoconference on Webex - I am just a little afraid since today we had another blackout of the system. We will see... if it does not work, we will open a chat. The idea is to answer your question on the first part, with the help of some new slides that you will find as pdf.