discussion focus group 4

Article by Lippmann et al., 2015

  • Explain the following sentence: “during formation of the posterior CNS, progenitors proximal to the node progressively transition from 3’ to 5’ Hox expression profile as the primitive streak regresses”.
  • What is the rationale of the study?
  • Why they choose to work with monolayer cultures instead of 3D approaches (e.g. organoids)
  • What were the general protocols for in vitro Hox patterning in hPSC before this study? What were the main limits?
  • In which way the authors were able to optimize the in vitro protocols to stabilize neuromesodermal progenitors?
  • What is the limit in the analysis of transcript levels?
  • Try to simplify the main message of this study in a schematic drawing with title+legend

Students: Daniele Stajano, Marco Ghibaudi, Viviana Gatti, Mulè Francesca, Zuccarini, DiRenzo, Rossi, Micheloni, Celeste Nicola

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