discussion focus group 1

Before starting the discussion: 15-20 min time for each group to organize  answers to the following questions

GROUP1 (F. Rossi; V. Canicatti; C. Nicola; F. Mulè)

Why did the authors carry out this work?

What are the main objectives of the current work?

What are the main techniques used to analyse ETS-embryogenesis?


GROUP2 (F. Michelon; M. Ghiabaudi; Dondu Bozkurt; G. Zuccarini) 

What are the main steps in early embryo development taken into account for this study?

What are the main results of this study? Were the results simply confirming similarities with normal embryo development  or do they add new knowledge  ?

Do you think the ETS-embryo models could be used to study neural development?

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