Basic match interpretation (population genetics)

Basic match interpretation (population genetics)

by Serena Aneli -
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Dear all, 

as someone of you already noticed, the audio of my video stops some seconds before the end. 

I have seen again that part and I realized that, fortunately, I wasn't saying anything important. I wanted just to point you out that in case of close relatives, we cannot simply compute the genotypic frequencies as before because, given the relatedness, they are no more independent. For this reason, the National Research Council have introduced some corrections, and that slide showed you how much the genotype frequencies of each marker change when we do the adjustments according to the putative relatedness, while in the last row, you can see how much the RMP changes accordingly.
The 6th of May I will upload a video about ancestry in forensics and at the beginning of that lecture, I will talk a little bit about that slide again.

Have a nice day!