Integrative activity for non-Biomedical curriculum students only

Dear Students (non-Biomedical curriculum only),

as an integrative activity to my Medical Genetics course I would ask you to prepare a PPT presentation based on the following Review paper:
'Genome editing and muscle stem cells as a therapeutic tool for muscular dystrophies'.

I enclose the paper PDF file as an attachment.

The activity will be a critical assessment of the current literature.

The PPT presentation will need to be organised as follows: Background/Introduction, Recent experimental approaches, Problems and Promises. You are kindly asked to send the presentation to me before the chosen exam session for this course (you will not be asked to make any oral presentation).

The grading will be a Pass/Fail evaluation. To be able to take the Medical Genetics exam a Pass assessment is needed.

Thank you for your attention.

Claudia Giachino