ADVANCED MOLECULAR BIOLOGY (Biomolecular, Neurobiological)

Teachers: Salvatore Oliviero, Francesco Neri, Andrea Lauria, Livia Caizzi

Students will develop an advanced understanding of molecular biology, including mechanisms governing genome regulation at both transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels, within the contexts of cell development and differentiation.

TYPE: Neurobiological track

Image Analysis Laboratory

This teaching contributes to developing a correct approach to image analysis and quantification. Given the plethora of digital image processing software available, priority will be given to the concepts behind image processing, analysis, and processes to be applied to the data. 

It also enables students to deepen their knowledge and abilities in the use of the computer, in the manipulation of images, and in the extraction of quantitative data.

TYPE: Elective

Advanced Molecular Biology - Biomedicine

The Course of Advanced Molecular Biology has two directories:

- AMB for Biomedical students  - this is the site of this course

- AMB for Biomolecular and Neurobiology students

TYPE: Biomedical track