All students wishing to attend the ' Bibliographic Tutorial ' in the second semester must register by April 14th. No student will be allowed to enroll after this data. 

The course will be developed in 4 lessons (5-12-19-26 May, 14.00-16.00). 

Four macro topics will be addressed: 1) perform a search on PubMed in the best possible way, 2) evaluate scientific journals, 3) extract the necessary information from an article, 4) cite the sources correctly.

The practical nature of the course requires active participation of students throughout the course, which is why we preferred to impose a mandatory attendance (75%) instead of an assessment exam. Therefore, there will not be a final evaluation, but only those who have actively participated in the course (by regularly attending class for at least 6 hours and completing the assignments) will receive the 1 CFU credit certification (not 2 ECTS but 1).

TYPE: Elective
Francesca Cordero, Marco Beccuti: Marco Beccuti
TYPE: Compulsory