CMB-year I Lectures from October 2021 to January 2022

Immunopathology and Pathophysiology 21/22

The course aims at providing the background for understanding and investigating the molecular mechanisms involved in immune-based diseases and to figure out how loss of molecular and cellular homeostasis, or failure of specific organs/systems impairs functioning of the whole organism.

Neurophysiology 21_22

This teaching contributes to the learning objectives included into the Neurobiological area of the Master in Cellular and Molecular Biology - Biologia Cellulare e Molecolare, providing knowledge and applicative abilities. In particular, the course is focused on the relevant issues of Neurophysiology and aims to foster basic knowledge of students on cellular neurophysiology and electrical signals transmission as well as integrated knowledge of neurophysiology. Additional objective points to a quantitative analysis of some conceptual and technical approaches to neurophysiological mechanisms including specific hands on in modern Neuroscience labs using cutting edge techniques in the field by means of invited seminars.

For each item, students learn how to highlight the specific scientific question, to interpret data, to discuss the experimental approaches employed by the authors.

The course is organized in 6 ECST and aims to provide theoretical, technical and methodological background to critically investigate nervous system functions.


The main objective is to build a solid background on cellular and integrated neurophysiology in order to develop the ability to critically analyze and interpret the results of the related scientific literature.